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September 25, 2017


Homework for the week of

September 25, 2017


Monday –  Spelling – Menu choose 3 to complete (due 9/29)


Tuesday – Math- Mod 1 lesson 15

Spelling – Menu (due 9/29)

Wednesday- Menu (due 9/29)

Reading- What is in the Box?

Thursday- Math- Mod 1 lesson 17

Spelling- Menu / study for Spelling Test


Spelling Words


hot pop      mop     mom  hop    ox     got     pot    lock   rock   help     use


September 25, 2016

Dear Parents,

Just a quick note, although the spelling homework is not due until the Friday of the week it is assigned, all other homework is due the next school day after it is assigned. Any homework not handed in on time will have points taken from the grade. A little reminder, the spelling menu should be attached to the next clean page in the green notebook. Please initial the non-written options on the spelling menu. Thank you in advance.

In reading, we are continuing working on our 5 Finger Retell which includes the characters, setting and plot of the story. As you read stories at home having your children tell you the parts using the 5 Finger Retell strategy will help their understanding of what we do in class. In addition to working with animal fantasy as our genre this week, we will be listening to and discussing fables. The students must tell why the story is animal fantasy using specific characteristics from the story.  We have been working on creating complete sentences and identifying the subject. This week we will identify the predicate. We will be creating some silly and some serious sentences.

We had our first reading with our 8th grade reading buddies last week. This week we will be reading and discussing stories as well as going on a “noun hunt”.

During Math, we will continue to practice our addition facts and using number bonds to solve simple addition equations. We will use the terms counting on, addends, part-part- whole. We will continue working on numbers that make ten. A wonderful website to help parents is www.ojusd.org . This site has a portion set up for ENY help. It offers a homework helping video for each module and lesson that we complete. If you go to the page you will see the ENY Help picture. When you click that it will take you to the different grade levels. After you click grade 1 you will find our modules. Each homework assignment has a video that goes with it. If you are having difficulty finding it please let me know we will find a time to meet and I can show you.

We will be talking about living things and their characteristics during science. We will begin with the life cycle of apples this week. We will be observing ways plants can reproduce (seeds or clippings). We will draw and write about our observations in our Science notebooks.

In Social Studies we are discussing laws and rules and introducing vocabulary such as community, citizens, and responsibilities.  We will be adding these terms and illustrations of terms in our Social Studies notebook.

The 8th grade sponsored Carnival is Friday, rain or shine.

God Bless,

Mrs. Fiore