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September 18, 2017

Homework for the week of

September 18, 2017


Monday –  Spelling “ Menu choose 3 to complete (due 9/22)

Tuesday- No school- Teacher Conference Day

Wednesday- Math- Mod 1 lesson 10

Spelling – Menu (due 9/22)

Thursday- Math- Mod 1 lesson 11

Spelling- Menu /study for Spelling Test Friday


Spelling Words


six      lip       in        wig   it      did      mix     sit      pin     fix       she      take




September 18, 2017

Dear Parents,

We are all settled in to our daily routine. The class is doing an excellent job following the classroom rules and routines. Some of our friends received “Sunshine” notes on Thursday due to their wonderful choices throughout the day. I have many more friends who are very close to receiving similar notes.

More books will be going home this week for you to cover. Please use the clear contact paper as it makes it easier for the students to locate the correct book. If you are unable to find clear contact paper please let me know I have some in the classroom that was donated when I started at St. Mary.

In reading this week, we will be continuing to practice our blending skills along with our dictation skills. The students will be introduced to the Five Finger Retell strategy.  The students will listen to teacher read stories and use a model of a hand as a guide to tell the character, setting and the plot of the story. We will be doing them as a class as first but the children will be working toward completing the activity independently.

The written spelling menu activities can be done in the green notebook as they arrived at the end of last week. Please staple the menu to the page use the pages following the menu for the week. Notebooks will be sent home every evening and homework will be checked on Friday. Although Spelling Menu is written each night for homework, the students only need to choose 3 items.

In Math, we are continuing with facts to 10. We will be working on using number bond, ten frames and pictures to find the missing addend and solve story problems this week. Mastering these facts is important for their success as the Math curriculum grows this year.

At this time, I have not received the notebook fee of $3.50 from everyone. If you have not sent it in please do so by the end of the week.

I am looking forward to another great week!!


Mrs. Fiore