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Principal’s Message

St. Mary School offers a contemporary, innovative Catholic education designed to ensure that students flourish on every level. Our experienced, caring faculty recognizes the individuality of all students and strives to encourage every child to be the best they can be.

Our philosophy places a strong emphasis on service to others, personal spirituality focusing on strong moral convictions, self discipline, academic achievement and respect for the dignity of all human beings.

Children at St. Mary are valued. We strive to develop and nurture the unique talents of each child. Our graduates are confident, well-rounded students prepared for the future, not only academically but also spiritually and socially.

Parents, community, and church play an integral role in the educational process at St. Mary School and help to develop responsible citizens accountable for their actions.

Education is one of the most important decisions parents make for their children. We welcome your inquiries and invite you to schedule a tour. Thank you for visiting our website.Thanksgiving Food Drive