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October 9, 2017


Dear Parents,

We are moving right along in our reading. The students are growing with their fluency and their sight words. We are adding consonant blends to our lessons this week ( ie. st, fl, bl, gr). We will practice reading and writing words with blends. We will go on a blend hunt to find them in our weekly story as well. We are working on finding the main idea and details. We will be doing this in whole class lessons as well as in small group time. We are also using the tapping out of sounds to blend unfamiliar words.

The students will have a science sheet for homework this week where they will be asked to identify 2 living and 2 non living things. They will also have to write sentences telling why the item is living or non living. They should use properties such as grow and change, move, reproduce, breath, eat and drink.

In Math this week, we will be working on using the doubles and doubles plus 1 strategy. We will be using our 5 group cards to help us visualize the doubles and doubles plus 1. We will continue to practice and build our fluency with facts to 10. Next Monday we will have our first Math test. We have gotten to the middle of Module 1. A review sheet will go home during the week for you to look over and practice with your child.

While I am working with small reading groups the rest of the children are rotating through the centers. Please ask your child about what they are doing at the “Word Work” area. They should be telling you about playing a hide a word game. They take turns hiding letters that spell either a spelling word or a sight word under cups. Then the others take turns finding the letters in order and read the word. They are having a blast!!!

Thank you for all you do.


Mrs. Fiore



Homework for the week of

October 9, 2017


Tuesday – Spelling – Menu choose 3 (due 10/13)

Reading- Reading Incentive/Book Report

Wednesday -Spelling – Menu (due 10/13)

Reading- Reading Incentive/Book Report

Science- Living/ non living things worksheet

Thursday- Math- Mod 1 lesson 24

Spelling – Menu (due 10/13)

Reading- Reading Incentive/Book Report



Spelling Words


men     red       step       ten       net       leg      jet       sled        wet        bed      saw      your