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October 2, 2017


October 2, 2017

Dear Parents,

The first reading incentive will be going home this week. The students are required to read 200 minutes for the month and complete the book report. Please keep in mind, although the incentive is written for homework each night, the children can read the 200 minutes at their convenience during the month. The form must be filled out, signed by a parent and returned by the due date to get credit for completing the homework assignment. This is a graded homework assignment.

During our reading lessons this week, the students will be practicing reading and writing words with inflected endings such as -s and -ing. You will see the spelling words this week will have the inflected ending of -s. Our story of the week will be a nonfiction piece. We will discuss the differences of the author’s purpose for fiction and nonfiction.

In our Math lessons will practice finding ways to make 7, 8, 9 and 10. We will continue practicing making equal expressions and use the commutative property.  We will be making fact families during our class time as well as at center time.  The website, www.ojusd.org , is an excellent resource for homework help.

There will be a simple homework assignment for Social Studies this week. It will be assigned on Monday and be due on Tuesday.

God Bless.


Mrs. Fiore


Homework for the week of

October 2, 2017


Monday – Spelling – Menu choose 3 to complete (due 10/6)

Social Studies- Worksheet

–                Reading Incentive- Due 11/3

Tuesday – Spelling -Menu choose 3 to complete (due 10/6)

Math-Mod 1 lesson 20

Reading Incentive- Due 11/3

Wednesday – Reading Incentive- Due 11/3

Spelling -Menu (due 10/6)

Thursday- Math- Mod 1 lesson 22

Spelling -Menu (due 10/6)

Reading Incentive- Due 11/3



Spelling Words


sit      sits      win      wins     fit       fits       hit       hits       nap      naps     her   too