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Homework – Grade 3

Ancestor’s Day is right around the corner. Your child should have an outfit for their country and food to share with the class. Remember, we have 32 students. Thank you!


Week of 4/24/17 Homework is due the next school day unless otherwise noted.

Please check daily as homework may be changed/added/deleted.

Monday– Spelling Chapter 28, 3x each, study for “simple machines” test

Tuesday- Spelling Sentences 1-7, Study for religion, Chapter 18

Wednesday-Spelling Sentences 8-14

Thursday-  Study for Spelling test

Friday- Study for USA test- study guide went home Monday, 4/24/17


Tuesday-Simple Machines Test

Wednesday-Religion Test

Friday-Spelling Test                  Monday,5/1/17, USA Test


Ancestry Project- Posted on 10/31/16

Step 1: Decide which country or origin of ancestry you would like to find out more about.

Ask your parents and family members to help you trace which ancestor came from that country.  You should make a family tree as a part of your report. Please see the example below. You should extend your tree to, at least, your grandparents. You may go further if you so desire.

Step 2: Country Report- DUE ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11TH

Research your country of interest. You must include the following information, including pictures, in your report and poster board:

  • Name of country
  • National flag, national anthem, symbol (such as the American Bald Eagle).
  • Type of government should be described
  • Popular tourist attractions or monuments
  • Foods from your country
  • Traditional dress
  • Famous people
  • Any other information that you think would make your report interesting

Your report should be written neatly on loose leaf paper or typed. Make sure that you have included a proper heading and have checked for spelling, capitals, and punctuation.  In addition, you will need a poster board. On the board, you will attach pictures of the flag, symbol, monuments, places of interest, and any other information that will make your poster eye catching. Label your pictures. You will be presenting your report to the class so make sure you know the information.

 Step 3: Monument- DUE ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 27th.

Choose a monument from your country. You will be building this monument to display during “Catholic Schools Week”, 1/30/17 to 2/3/17. Your monument may be made from any materials that you choose. It should be of reasonable size. You should have an index card stating your name, grade, the monument’s name, and country of origin. Have fun and be creative.

Step 4: On May 8th, we will celebrate Ancestor’s Day. We will bring in food from our country and dress in traditional clothing. More information will come as May draws near.

Below you will find a .pdf file for the student Reading Log.  This is due every Friday throughout the school year.  

Reading Log