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March 27, 2017


March 27, 2017

MONDAY: Spelling – Menu due 3/31

                    Reading- Reading Incentive/ Timeline  due 4/4

TUESDAY: Math –mod 4 lesson 19

                   Spelling – Menu due 3/31

                   Reading- Reading Incentive / Timeline due 4/4               

WEDNESDAY: Spelling – Menu due 3/31

                         Reading- Reading Incentive/ Timeline due 4/4    

THURSDAY: Spelling – Menu due 3/31

   Reading- Reading Incentive /Timeline due 4/4

                     Math –mod 4 lesson 21



Weekly Spelling Words


lie    tie    high    might    right    night   bright   light    pie   tight  above laugh


March 27, 2017

Dear Parents,

          We are continuing our long vowel sound spellings. This week we will focus on the long I spelled ie and igh. The students will also be working on kn and wr sounds this week. As your child is reading have them look for words with these spellings. We call this being a “Word Detective”. The students are working on identifying adjectives and adding adjectives to our writing.

          Students will be working with bigger numbers in Math and using different strategies to solve story problems. Students will continue to use quick tens and number bonds to solve. We will also be using tape diagrams to solve words problems.

          We are working on a nutrition unit in Science. We have discussed the digestive system. This week we will be discussing the types of foods and what these foods do for our bodies. We also be discussing healthy foods vs. unhealthy foods.

          Just a reminder, the Reading Incentive and Timeline are due on April 4th.

Next Monday, the students in first grade will have their annual Bunny Brunch. The room mothers will be in contact with the parents about food. This will be the students lunch for the day. It has been a great deal of fun in the past.

          The field trip is set for May 24th. We will be traveling by coach bus to The Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady. The permission slip and information letter will be going home this week. The money will be due before Easter Break.  We have room for 20 chaperones. As was the rule with our apple picking trip, all chaperones must have completed the SAFE environment training.


Mrs. Fiore

First grade making ice cream in a bag.