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Grade 5 Homework Page – September 20, 2017

GRADE  5 – Wednesday, September 20, 2017


First Day of School




Religion: p. 42 on looseleaf

Math:  Lesson 4 pages 21-22, Lesson 4 page 21 #1, quiz on Friday (posted 9/18)

Social Studies:  

Science :  

ELA:   vocabulary packet due 9/21 (posted 9/18), Vocabulary Quiz on 9/22 (posted 9/18)

Spanish – Worksheet



Please reinforce, to your child, the importance of writing Homework and Classwork assignments in their planners.  This is a skill that helps with organization and it reinforces what will be required for the following day.

All assignments are due the next school day unless otherwise noted.  Each student is responsible for handing any incomplete classwork the following school day.