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February 20, 2017





February 20, 2017


TUESDAY: Math – Mod 4 lesson 2

                   Spelling – spelling menu due 2/24                  

WEDNESDAY: Spelling – spelling menu due 2/24              

THURSDAY: Spelling – spelling menu due 2/24

                        Math – Mod 4 lesson 4     




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February 20, 2017

Dear Parents,

        We have completed Unit 3 in our Reading Streets Series. We will have our Unit 3 Assessment on Friday. We will practice our skills this week. The students will find facts in stories and find the main idea. Students will read words with different sound spellings such as long vowels, dge, contractions and consonant blends.

        We are just beginning Module 4 in Math. The students will decompose two-digit numbers as tens and ones and record their findings on a place value chart. The students will use tens and ones to create number sentences to represent numbers. (30+6=36)

        I am looking forward to the Science Fair Project Presentations this week. Just a reminder the projects should be picked up at the end of the day of each child’s presentations. The will be returned to school on March 3rd with the children. The parents will be invited to view the projects at 10 a.m. that day.

        The next Reading Incentive will go home in March. The book report will be a time line of a biography. If you need help finding an age appropriate biography please let me know.

Here’s to a wonderful second half of first grade.


Mrs. Fiore