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April 17, 2017





April 18, 2017

TUESDAY: Math –mod 4 lesson 26

                   Spelling – Menu due 4/21                     

WEDNESDAY: Spelling – Menu due 4/21

                         Reading- Reading Incentive  

THURSDAY: Spelling – Menu due 4/21

   Reading- Reading Incentive

                     Math –mod 4 lesson 28



Weekly Spelling Words


careful   gladly   nicely    painful    playful   quickly   sadly   slowly   useful   wonderful   because    across



April 17, 2017

Dear Parents,

          I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. It is hard to believe we are now entering the 4th quarter of the school year.  Third Quarter Report Cards will be going home this Friday.

          We are finishing up the forth unit in ELA this week. Next week we will be assessed in the lessons from the unit. The best way to review will be reading and discussing stories with your children. Ask about the characters, setting and plot or find facts in the stories. Another way to practice would be to find words with consonant blends or long vowel spellings. This week we will be working on suffixes such as -ly and -ful. We are also working on adding adjectives to our writing to add more details.

          In addition to completing the ELA unit, we are completing Module 4 in math. I am planning on finishing up the Module the beginning of next week and having the End of Module Assessment Thursday, April 27th. We are working on using 2 addition sentences to solve the double digit addition problems.  We are practicing adding the tens first on some problems and the ones first on other problems.

Ex.   18+14=____        (decompose the 14 to 10 , 4) 

18+10=28    28+4=32

(decompose the 14 to 2, 12)

18+2=20     20+12=32


Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to chaperone our trip to the science museum.  All who volunteered are joining us. I am looking forward to a wonderful trip.


Mrs. Fiore